Gardens by the Bay

Since I have come to Singapore, I am taking it slow exploring one attraction at a time. This particular weekend, it was GARDENS BY THE BAY.

To explain the experience i have picked a few words (and i will try to explain why its so later) ENCHANTING, INGENIOUS, BEAUTIFUL.

Going in the reverse order, the place was and the structures were simply BEAUTIFUL ! Walking through nature reserve, full of tropical trees and plants was both informative and satisfying. However the highlight for me were the huge tree like structure made right in the center of the gardens. As the sun sets these tree structures begin to light-up and Oh! how beautiful the place becomes. The display of lights is spellbinding.


It’s an INGENIOUS structure (the huge man-made tree structures, Super-tree Grove).¬†Each Super-tree consists of four parts: a reinforcement concrete core, trunk, planting panels for the living skin and the canopy.¬†11 of the Super-trees are embedded with environmentally sustainable functions like solar-cells and generate solar energy (more details here: Whats amazing is how the managing body was able to meet energy need – solar power gets harvested here and also making it an iconic-must visit tourist attraction.

Now, coming to the light-and-sound show, ENCHANTING ! totally worth the effort of getting there and waiting for it to begin. Though it lasts only for 15 minutes, the place of light and music is amazing. Be sure to see it. The view from the bridge at the top of the Super-trees is also very beautiful and totally worth the $8 spent on the ticket.

walkway at gardens by the bay

Final note, there are other thing to be seen at the Gardens by the Bay, which i will write about later maybe and are also worth seeing. However, if you are falling short of time please make sure to at-least experience the Super experience with the Super-trees at ‘The Gardens by the Bay’.



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